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I get it and I got you.

After repeating the same mistakes I decided that something needed to change and it was probably me. 

Embarking on a Personal Development Program I explored my passions and dreams which fed my soul and gave me the gift of a happier and more fulfilling life. Today I share this passion with facilitating in others achieving a positive mindset allowing  them to achieve the life they truly desire too.  

Time to write a new story.

30 minute chat.

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So what is it?

Its a solution focused approach to personal development aimed at helping you make very positive and lasting changes in your life.

You are encouraged to realize your true potential by following a process that will uncover and eliminate obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns in your life.

I facilitate this change using tried and trusted tools and techniques to empower you in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment. Should you choose to move forward the £10 for the consultation will go toward Session 1.

A safe place


Empathy and a Non judgemental attitude.

My approach is based on the core skills of Empathy Congruence and a Non judgmental attitude allowing you the safety to feel truly heard and understood.

I offer an initial no-strings ‘30 minutes‘ consultation where I will facilitate in exploring where you are in your life  and where you would ideally like to be. As a MBACP Qualified Person Centred Counsellor I am skilled in providing a safe environment allowing you to share. I will then introduce the scientifically proven  personal development program and what it has to offer as a way to transform your current situation. This phone call will give you 30 minutes of uninterrupted 'Me-Time', and help you with any questions you also have. Should you wish to continue the £10 will go toward Session 1.  

You can get in touch at the bottom of the page. I look forward to connecting with you 

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